No. 2: Hip Hop Dance

Number two on the list and just missing out on the top spot is the juggernaut that is hip hop dance.

Hip hop dancing has been helped in no small part by the explosion of dance films based around it such as Step Up and You've Got Served as well as shows such as America's Best Dance Crew. Does anyone else know why nearly all the best dance crews are composed of hip hop dancers and breakdancers?

Right now appears to be hip hop dance's time though what can be seen is that it has already left enough of a legacy to inspire future generations. More likely than not it will only get stronger and stronger.

Hip hop music surrounds us, so it was just a matter of time before hip hop dance caught on too right? And caught on it did, in a big way.

Ask a child dancer what style they are learning, and placing bets on hip hop dance or variants like street dance will land you money from a kid more often than not.

Of course the hip hop dance mantle has been brewing for some time since the days of locking, popping and breaking but has just taken on newer twists in recent times.

One of these twists is the dance crew. Whereas before you would always have bboy crews where they would all go out into the circle or battle floor and do their own thing, now you have hip hop crews where all the dancers dance almost identically.

The hip hop dancers do all the moves in unison and almost look like one person as they dance. Whether this is a step forward or backwards for evolution remains to be seen.

And these kids aren't afraid to mesh styles together like the Zumba folks either and you can see lockin, popping, breaking, acrobatics and all sorts in one big perfromance.

Hip hop dance is very much the dance of today and arguably the fastest growing one. Yet we have given the top spot to someone else. What style might that be??

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