No. 3: Zumba

They move, they sway, they pump, they dance but we have no idea what the hell it is!

Next on the list the new dance/ aerobics phenomenon that is Zumba. Plastered all over the nightly infomercials as the best and most fun way to get fit, this style is growing rapidly.

I'm not sure whether it falls under the dance category, but what the hell they're moving and it looks like it requires some co-ordination to do.

Zumba brings together moves from Latin dance styles such as salsa, merengue, mambo, belly dancing, reggaeton and many more!

Is it a fusion style? Is it a hodgepodge? Is it a secret recipe? I don't know, all I know is that people love it.

Perhaps it is because it is relatively easy to do the moves and something anyone can do that makes it so popular? Or maybe Latin music really is that popular.

Most dancers or dance instructors probably could not tell you what zumba is, but they've probably heard of it.

It seems to have a relentless advertising campaign and looks very much like a fanchise where new instructors go through a training program and then go on to start up new classes or schools.

If it has half the success of McDonalds, you'll be seeing a Zumba workout class at every street corner and may never be able to escape the madness. So why not just join the madness instead?

However even Zumba could not top the next style on our list, can you guess what that might be?

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